Celebrate International Nurses Day

On May 12, we celebrate the hard work, dedication, and compassion of nurses worldwide as part of International Nurses Day!

The healthcare field can be very demanding. A recent survey by the American Nurses Foundation shows 56% of nurses are experiencing burnout, including emotional exhaustion, and 64% say they feel “a great deal of stress because of their job.” A Canadian report also reveals nurses there are experiencing high rates of burnout. Positive emotions and feelings of empowerment among nurses are on the decline while these negative feelings of stress and anxiety remain consistently high.

To show appreciation to these extraordinary people, here are some ways to recognize all the special nurses out there this week and beyond:

  • Throw a party! Organize a special event or celebration to show appreciation for the nurses on your team. This could include a catered lunch, a thank-you card campaign, or a recognition ceremony.
  • Share your stories. Encourage team members to share personal stories and experiences about the impact of nurses on their lives or the lives of their loved ones.
  • Get creative. Create a display or bulletin board highlighting the history and significance of International Nurses Week, as well as the contributions of nurses to the healthcare industry.
  • Give back. Coordinate with other departments or organizations to execute a community service project or donation drive to support a nursing-related cause.
  • Learn something new. Provide opportunities for professional development and continuing education for nurses, such as hosting a guest speaker or organizing a workshop.

Celebrating International Nurses Week at work is a great way to show appreciation for nurses’ hard work and dedication and recognize their vital role in the healthcare industry! Use the hashtag #InternationalNursesDay on your social media to spotlight these amazing employees.

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