Tips to Manage a Recruiter Relationship

When you’re looking for a job, recruiters can offer fantastic connections to companies with open positions and a culture that’s in line with your values. But, if you’ve never worked with a recruiter or haven’t had a positive experience, you may wonder how to make this partnership successful. Whether you’re looking for a recruiter or if you’ve been contacted by a company, these guidelines can help you successfully manage the relationship.

Tips from Express Experts

Every job seeker and recruiter is different, and each relationship will be unique. While personal preferences may apply, Blake Shoemaker, staffing consultant – Skilled Trades, in the Ithaca, NY, Express Employment Professionals office, encourages you to communicate, be ready and prepared, prioritize presentability, and ask questions.

Prioritize communication to ensure an amazing working relationship with your recruiter. You should be communicated with often, however, your recruiter may be working with many job seekers, which could cause a delay in their communication. Don’t hesitate to initiate a conversation or check-in if you haven’t been contacted recently.

Be ready and prepared for anything that comes your way and be willing to take an interview even if the job isn’t perfect; you never know where the connection could lead. Blake summed up being prepared in three words: resume, resume, resume. Come with a great resume in hand and if it needs polishing, ask for your recruiter’s feedback to make improvements.

Elevate your presentability, which can be the factor that gives you the upper hand against other job candidates. Whether speaking with your recruiter or attending an interview, present yourself professionally in how you dress, speak, and interact.

Ask every question that comes to mind. The purpose behind working with a recruiter is to benefit your future and career. There is no question too small and no concern too simple to discuss with your recruiter. Megan Machado, division manager in the Vancouver, WA, Express office, suggests asking a variety of questions, including:

  • Can you provide more details about the job and company culture?
  • What’s the interview process and timeline?
  • How can I improve my qualifications for this role?
  • How can I follow up and receive feedback?

Megan also shared ways you can contribute to the relationship with your recruiter: “Be honest and transparent, communicate clearly and promptly, set clear job expectations, be professional and respectful.” She encourages showing gratitude, keeping in touch after you get a job, providing referrals, and asking your recruiter for career advice.

Why Work with a Recruiter?

One of the benefits to working with a recruiter is that they can facilitate the job search process. It’s not uncommon for job seekers to walk into an Express office and walk out with a job, an in-person interview scheduled, or a phone interview scheduled or already completed. Blake said he will often begin calling client companies to tell them about a candidate before the candidate has even left his office.

“I’ll immediately start making calls,” Blake said. “[Hiring decision-makers] are able to hear the energy that I’m able to bring across through the phone and the smile that I have from so much excitement about this candidate sitting next to me.”

Express is Ready When You Are

When you’re ready to propel your job search to the next level, Express’ experts are ready for you. You’ll build a relationship with a team of employment professionals in your community who have built personal relationships with businesses that are hiring. Whether you’re building a new career or looking for a short-term job to supplement your income, we offer the flexibility to work the way you want, and you’ll never pay a fee for our services and support. Connect now with an Express office in your area.

Have you had success working with a recruiter? Share your advice for fellow job seekers in the comment section below!

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