3 Ways Contract Work Assignments Can Advance Your Career

Whether you’re between jobs, looking for a more flexible work arrangement, or just testing the waters of something different, short-term, contract work assignments are a great way to advance your career. Contract work comes in all shapes and sizes. And for those professionals who embrace the opportunity, the reward is often much more than a foot in the door for the job of their dreams.

Develops your skills and experience

First and foremost, contract work assignments provide an incredible opportunity to develop your skills and build expertise. From young professionals who want more hands-on experience in their chosen fields to seasoned veterans of the business world looking for a new challenge, the shorter-term nature of this type of work assignment allows exposure to broad range of projects, team dynamics, and work environments, which in turn, creates more well-rounded professionals and stellar resumes.

Shows your commitment

If you find yourself between jobs or long-term unemployed because of changes in your industry or factors like a global pandemic, contract work assignments are not only an effective way to bridge the gap financially, but it also shows you’re serious about your career and want to stay engaged in the workforce. Extensive gaps on your resume are often a red flag for employers. So, if you can demonstrate that you’ve taken the initiative to pursue work opportunities in the interim, it shows your commitment to hard work and willingness to do what it takes to get the job done.

Builds your network

As you advance in your career and move up the corporate ladder, you may find that many higher-level open positions aren’t posted publicly. These types of jobs often get filled through word-of-mouth within the industry or via professional search firms. So, building a robust and diverse professional network is the key to ensuring your reputation precedes you in the local job market.

Contract work assignments are ideal for expanding your network because you’re not only building your skills and expertise, but you’re also working with a wide range of people and decision makers across a broad spectrum of businesses and industries. And, those connections can be valuable when it comes to advancing a career.

How have you used contract work in your career? Do you employ contractors at your company? Let us know in the comments section below!

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