Unprofessional Behaviour Costing Canadians Job Offers, Ways to Stand Out in a Sea of Applications

Canada Employed explores the state of employment and unemployment in Canada. Learn more about the latest insights, according to a recent Express Employment Professionals-Harris Poll survey. 

Getting an interview is a big step forward in the job application process, but it can make or break a candidate’s ability to get hired. While it may seem obvious to most that professionalism is expected, both Canadian hiring managers and job seekers say they’ve seen some pretty wild behaviour. Read more.

Hiring managers go through so many resumes that the information and candidates can start to blend together — but Canadian hiring managers say there are things job applicants can do to stand out.

Demonstrating passion for the role (54%), showing they’ve researched the company (44%), and quantifying their achievements (41%) are among the top ways a candidate can stand out to an employer. Read more.

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