Canadian Job Seekers Driven by Fear; Companies Anticipate Higher Turnover

Canada Employed explores the state of employment and unemployment in Canada. Learn more about the latest insights, according to a recent Express Employment Professionals-Harris Poll survey. 

1 in 3 Canadian Companies Bracing for Higher Employee Turnover in 2024 

  • 81% of companies plan to hire to counteract turnover—a significant increase from 75% in 2023 
  • 28% of businesses expect increased turnover 
  • Better pay/benefits, employees resigning, and increased workplace demands are top reasons for turnover 
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1 in 3 Canadian Employees Want to Break Up with Their Employer and Find a New Job They Love 

  • 53% of job seeking employees want better compensation 
  • Better work/life balance, growth opportunities, and company culture are among top priorities for job seekers 
  • The youngest employees are most likely to ask for higher pay and better benefits 
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