American Companies Bracing for Turnover; Job Seekers Searching for New Opportunities

America Employed explores the state of employment and unemployment in the United States. Learn more about the latest insights, according to a recent Express Employment Professionals-Harris Poll survey.  

  • 88% of companies are making plans to hire to counteract turnover—a significant increase from 81% last year  
  • 20% of hiring managers say turnover at their company costs $100,000 or more annually  
  • Top reasons for increased turnover include better pay or benefits elsewhere, increased workplace demands, and employees resigning 
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Love at First Interview: 37% of US Employees Looking to Swipe Right on New Jobs 

  • 40% of workers are hopeful to land a new job this year 
  • Employed Americans are job searching for better compensation, work/life balance, and better growth opportunities 
  • Only 15% of job seekers have no fears regarding their current job  
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