Getting Your Work Noticed in 2024

Many of us may not say it out loud, but doesn’t it feel good when your hard work on the job is recognized? You know you’ve done the work, but how do you ensure others see it without appearing obnoxious or boastful? You may want to advance your career by getting a promotion. Professional advocacy is critical along your career journey, and we want to ensure your work gets noticed in 2024.

Build and Showcase Your Portfolio

Before your work can be noticed, it’s a good idea to build your portfolio so you have something to show. Make the most of this opportunity to gather some of your best work. Have copies of your presentations, analytic data, or notes to showcase how you successfully executed a project. Keeping track of your work can get your work noticed and be a good way to pat yourself on the back or see how you could improve a task moving forward.

Highlight Your Accomplishments Before Your Review

You don’t want to wait until your annual performance review to discuss your work throughout the year. If you regularly have meetings with your boss, could you take some time, maybe once a quarter, to showcase all your contributions to the team? Your boss may be aware of your projects because they were assigned to you, but it’s up to you to discuss the ins and outs of the project. Maybe there was a specific problem or challenge that you solved. Be sure to document those accomplishments and be ready to share at the appropriate time.

Spotlight Your Co-workers 

Have you ever heard the term, “Give credit where credit is due?” Try acknowledging other co-workers’ achievements and milestones. Giving shoutouts can create a work culture where the team feels comfortable sharing wins and challenges; they may also point out the work you’ve done. You can spotlight a team member when they are progressing on a project and share statements that show great teamwork. This could be a great topic to include on your agenda in your weekly or quarterly meetings or your team’s online group chat.

Take on Extra Responsibilities

Going above and above at work will improve your visibility. Perhaps you want to stretch yourself by taking on additional duties and obligations that wouldn’t typically fall within your job description. Join the spirit committee for your company to add some fun to your job. Consider signing up for volunteer opportunities in your community made available through your company.

How do you plan on getting your work noticed in 2024? Let us know in the comments section below!

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